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Our radio stations and website are not in the business of "selling ads." We sincerely want to help you achieve the greatest possible success, and advertising is an important part of that success. We want to work with you in a marketing partnership to suggest proven, creative ways to achieve greater success through advertising. If we mutually determine that we can help you, nobody will work harder to earn and keep your business - and we'll even suggest complementary media when appropriate. 
Listen to what our clients have to say about advertising with us!

For advertising inquiries please contact a member of our sales team!
Mark Tanner 
(902) 493-2736
Cass Barton
(902) 493-2747
Ryan Stapells
(902) 493-2182
Darlene Myers
(902) 493-2907
Jeff Rhyno
(902) 493-2412
Deborah Rent
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Richard Ross
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Kathleen Burris
(902) 493-2757
Tamara Munroe
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